Concert of Jenni Vartiainen

Jenni Vartiainen is a famous Finnish pop singer. I like her songs and despite she sings very well, the lights used for her concerts are always very beautiful and I enjoy to shoot them. Jenni is also a show woman, she interacts very well with her audience.

This concert was held in Järvenpää-talo, in the south of Finland, something like 40 kilometres north of Helsinki, the capital city.

Her concert was in 2 parts, mixing new and old hits. The first part was calm, kind of acoustic with a dark and sober atmosphere. The second part was the opposite, Jenni was moving everywhere on the stage, even in the audience, the music was vibrating in your head and the lights were dancing.

Her new songs:

Pictures of the concert:

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Vain Elämää 3, Jenni performing with other Finnish artists:

I had some troubles with the microphone of my camera and the sound of the videos I shot is very bad, in fact it really sucks. Most of people will write “plug your speakers and increase the volume”. For those videos, I would say “mute the volume and enjoy the lights” 🙂