Janelle’s first birthday party

Janelle 1 year old

The first time I saw Janelle, she was few weeks old and her parents asked me to take few pictures of her.
She was still very calm and it was an easy shooting as she spent most of her time sleeping.

Janelle is now 1 year old, or 1 year young and she has changed a lot. She is almost walking by herself, moving everywhere and very curious, as all kids of her age.
Her parents did a small birthday party and invited me to memorise this first birthday with my camera.
Like it was inside their home, by a rainy and dark day, inside wasn’t very brighter. That’s why I used my Nikon SB-900 speedlight and shot with a high ISO.

And like it was a party there were of course lots of delicious and colourful food and candies prepared by Janelle’s parents and grand-mother. It was a very nice birthday party!

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(Thank you to Arlene and Jax for the permission to publish the pictures of their child!)