Multiple exposure

Multiple exposure is a superimposition of several pictures to create a single one.

Still in France during my summer holidays, Geoffroy, the neighbour’s kid, invited me to play Frisbee golf with him.
After few sets and also because I was loosing, I decided to have fun with my camera and take Geoffroy as a model, what he agreed immediately.

I installed my camera on a tripod, set the focus to manual and adjusted it to the middle of the scene I will shoot.
To get the same exposure for all the pictures I used the Manual mode with a f-stop of 11 to have a large field of view and to be sure the whole scene will be focused. It was a cloudy and warm day, the ISO was set at 100 and the shutter speed at 1/40.

We then started to shoot, Geoffroy posing and acting as he was playing with his “team mates”.

Multiple shots

Multiple shots – 1/40 – f/11 – ISO 100

After the shooting it was time for the digital work. This can be done with any photo editing software like the well known Adobe Photoshop or GIMP for example which is free.
There was nothing difficult in this case and 10 minutes later… voilà!

We got a team of clones playing together. It would look better if Geoffroy would wear different clothes on each picture but his mother didn’t like so much the idea as it would take a longer time to clean the mess that I guess she would have to do.

You can do all what you want in multiple exposure, the only limit is your imagination.